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The post-production podcast that goes beyond the desk

Live better. Work better.

Improve your life as an editor - both at your desk and away from it.

What's the point of Cmd+Edit?

Being an editor usually means constantly being busy whether it's looking for work, finishing a job and looking for more work. And let's not forget continuing to level up your skills. Then somewhere in there you need to remember to have a life.


Nick and Josh are both video editors in vastly different fields. Nick edits mostly feature films as a full-time freelancer. Josh edits training videos and corporate promos as a full-time employee. Between the two they have experience with a broad variety of topics related to our industry.

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Tips on improving your editing lifestyle both at your desk and away from it

This podcast is about life as a video editor. It is about post production and post production beyond the desk. Episodes run 30 minutes to an hour in length and discuss anything from are demo reels actually needed to whether you should be a specialist or generalist to when to say no to jobs and much, much more all while sprinkling in nuggets of technical how-tos and actionable tips.


Join Nick and Josh each week as they analyze editors’ thoughts, habits and best practices in order for you to create better videos and lead a happier, more fulfilled live as a video editor.


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Nick is a feature film editor based out of the great white north of Toronto, ON. He has worked as a freelancer for several years, starting as a cinematographer and eventually landing in post-production.


Being self-taught in the ways of filmmaking, he started operating as Merc Media promoting himself as a "mercenary" for hire to help get the shots you want. Working quickly and efficiently go hand-in-hand with him. His specialty since 2013 has been editing for feature films concurrently with production. In many cases by relocating his edit suite either on-set or nearby, he is able to deliver a picture-locked feature within a few short weeks or even days after a film wraps.


You can follow him on Twitter @Merc_Media and follow his tips as he works from project-to-project.


Josh is a video editor and video editing educator in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas. He cuts training videos for multiple industries, marketing and corporate promos and really anything he can get his stubby hands on. 


Josh began writing his thoughts down on the Internet in early 2013 and started Edit Video Faster, a website and service dedicated to helping video editors in any way possible, in June of 2014. Shortly after that Josh started getting replies on Twitter from this guy named Nick. And they kept happening for weeks and months and Josh became quite fond of this guy from somewhere in Canada he couldn't pronounce. Josh and Nick took their relationship to the next level when Nick asked him if he'd be interested in working on a project with him...a podcast.


Helping others, coming up with creative ideas, the pursuit of new experiences and overall life optimization are things Josh is passionate about. Josh is married and has a 20LB best friend named Peyton. 

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