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Todd Wolfe and the FroKnowsPhoto Video Editing Guide : Cmd+Edit 046

Nick MontgomeryComment
Interview with Todd Wolfe about Fro Knows Photo Video Editing Guide Command Edit Podcast Episode 46

This episode comes with a BIG gift for you!

We are joined by Todd Wolfe from CheeseSteak Media and FroKnowsPhoto. The latter of which just released the FroKnowsPhoto Video Editing Guide. This 16GB guide is jam-packed with the knowledge needed for beginners to get started with the basics and plenty of advanced techniques for the veteran editors, as well.

Todd Wolfe and FroKnowsPhoto shooting RawTalk

Todd shares his story about how he fell into filmmaking, running his business CheeseSteak Media and how he first encountered Jared Polin (the Fro) and formed an excellent business relationship that has become one of the biggest online resources for both  photography and filmmaking.

The guide also includes the footage featured in the guide itself so you can get hands-on experience trying your own cut of a music video, commercial or short film. If you do your own cut, go ahead and share it with us and the FroKnowsPhoto crew.

Jared Polin and Todd Wolfe from FroKnowsPhoto RAWTalk

This was a killer episode and we want to thank Todd for being on the show and chatting with us.

He also wanted to share an EXCLUSIVE gift for the Command+Edit listeners. Use the promo code "cmdedit" (all lower case) to get a whopping 25% off of the FroKnowsPhoto Video Editing Guide (normally $279). Click here to go shopping on the Fro's site and get this exclusive discount on the editing guide.


Check out CheeseSteak Media for more of Todd's shiny work.

And of course you should check out FroKnowsPhoto for their podcast, YouTube channel and their assortment of handy guides that they have available.