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Taking the leap into FREELANCING : Cmd+Edit 047

Nick MontgomeryComment
Taking the leap to freelance film and video editing Episode 47 of Command Edit Podcast

Josh has an announcement to make: he is taking the leap to being a freelance editor!

On this podcast we've discussed the differences between freelance and contract/full-time positions, with Josh and Nick representing both sides of the coin. However now...all that is about to change.

This decision has been long in the making and there has been much thought put into this move. This episode we get to capture what goes on in the mind of an editor as they make this transition. So for editors who are considering going freelance, this will be a great episode to know how to best prepare yourself for it.

Thanks to our listeners!

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Because if you're a freelancer then you're probably working at home right now and have a tab open to Facebook right now, right?...