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Beat Depression in the Edit Bay : Episode 67

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Beat Depression in the Edit Bay Episode 67 Command Edit Podcast

Happy 30th Birthday, Josh!

Join me in congratulating him for surviving on this earth for 30 straight years without incident. Tweet the show or leave a comment and I'll make sure he gets it. Send beer.

Long work hours. No sunlight. Dwindling social life and home time.

With only the occasional interaction with a human. It can get pretty lonely in the edit bay.

Today we talk about how depressing it can be working in post (whether solo at your home office or with a team in a studio) and how you can beat those post-pro blues with just a few changes to your day.

Wipster's big changes to their pricing plan.

You know what else will make you weepy? The video review service made several editors the world over shout in frustration with their 400+% price hike to their plans. Find out how this affects you and what other options there are. (psst...and if you ask us, you should be using Screenlight anyways).

Remember us gushing about how awesome Soundstripe is? (for those who didn't, listen to Episode 65 with our interview with Travis and Micah from Soundstripe). Now you can sign up for an account with them AND help out the podcast at the same time!


Soundstripe is now a proud (we assume) sponsor of the Command+Edit Podcast!

Use this link to get access to Soundstripe's music library and get unlimited tracks and licences for all of your projects. One size fits all, no more worrying about those expensive licences or how many tracks the budget can afford. For $10/month or $97/year, it pays for itself with your first track downloaded.

Other things we mention in this episode:

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