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Interview with Travis Terrell and Micah Sannan from Soundstripe : Episode 65

Nick MontgomeryComment
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"Play it, Sam" - Ilsa, Casablanca

Soundstripe music service online

Finding the right music track for your project can be maddening, what with so many choices to pick from out there. And sometimes you can have trouble finding the words to describe what music track you're searching for. On top of that each music licence has its own price tag so you may be limited by your budget (or your own wallet).

Today we are kicking it off with an interview with Travis Terrell and Micah Sassan from Soundstripe, a subscription-based music library that allows you endless uses of its music tracks for all of your projects till the end of time!

You can sign up for as little as $10/month and have full access to their ever-growing library of music. Need help from a human? They also have friendly support staff available to chat directly with at almost any time.

Josh gushes about these guys and their service throughout this episode, and so Nick has followed suit and purchased a year subscription to the service. Let me tell you it's already paid itself off.

Automatic Customer John Warrillow

We all have those projects that leave little-to-no budget for you to play with when selecting music tracks. Soundstripe solves that problem by making it both affordable and easy to pick the right music track.

Now click play on the episode and check them out for yourself.

Also if you were curious about the book suggestion Travis gives in this episode, it's the Automatic Customer by John Warrillow. Adding it my own reading queue right now.