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Talking About The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere : Episode 60

Nick MontgomeryComment
Command Edit Post Production Podcast discussing the story and pacing editing style of The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up on The Walking Dead when you listen to this then you may be very upset by what we discuss. You have been warned.

Anybody who's anybody was glued to TWD Season 7 premiere this week, so let's talk about the style of the show, how it's managed to survive 7 seasons with its story arc and also what common tools do horror films/series use often to grab their audience's attention?

The show suffered a drop in ratings during season 6 and the writers pulled an H-bomb out of their pocket by teasing the death of an important character. This left fans biting their nails while they waited for the answer: Who bit the bullet?

Cliffhangers and teases like this are used very often, especially in horror movies. Jason Voorhees jumping out of the water at the end of Friday the 13th, Freddy's last jumpscare at the end of the first Nightmare on Elm Street, the ending of every Saw fact, now that I think of it pretty much ALL of the horror films out there end with a cliffhanger.

Was the use of it here appropriate and smart for TWD series?

And what about how they upped the ante when it came to gore and violence in this episode? Did it serve the story well to communicate the brutality of these deaths? Or was it excessive and took away from the show?

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere attracted negative criticism for the violence and gore depicted and the bat emoji

How about the pacing? We still waited 20 minutes to get our answer finally and the whole episode was told with a lot of jumps through time back and forth. Was it the right way to unfold the horror of this chapter in TWD?

These are the questions we will discuss herein in Episode 60. Press play, listen on and let us know what you also thought of it.



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