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What happened to the summer blockbuster? : Episode 56

Nick MontgomeryComment
Episode 56 Command Edit Podcast What happened to the summer blockbuster?

We have a BUNCH of stuff to share with you! Let's see how much we can cram into this episode.

Throughout the week we collect links, useful tips and eyebrow-raising articles that we come across to discuss and now it's time to give them all to you. It's an AKS (All Kinds o' Shit) episode this week!

Instagram Stories or Snapchat

Are you using Instagram Stories or do you prefer Snapchat? There are people in either camp using these tools to provide video to their followers. I've been trying both out to see the differences and what kind of value can be provided to his followers. I like to show glimpses of my timeline progress, behind-the-scenes of sets that I'm on and of course multiple images of #CoffeePorn.

You can follow Nick on Snapchat (merc_media) or on Instagram (mercmedia) to see shots of his work and coffee. You can follow Josh (joshort) on Snapchat to see pics of how his vacation is going right now. Let us know which ones you use regularly and help us decide which one to stick with.

Mac OS Sierra coming this fall and Siri is coming to the desktop

Sierra OS for Mac users is coming this fall and the announced features range from the mildly interesting to the "meh". One update worth mentioning is that Siri is coming to the MacOS now. Click here to watch a breakdown of new features from a beta tester (

Ever search for an Adobe Premiere tutorial only to find ones that have way more talking to them than you'd like? Done With Dylan features a set of Premiere tutorials that get right to the point. No intro. No chit-chat. He just jumps right into the meat of the tutorial, gives you what you need and ends it. Go check it out (

*Thanks to PremiereBro for the link.

Suicide Squad and the Second Act Problem

Suicide Squad has been getting a lashing from both fans and critics alike. I watched it this past weekend, further adding fuel to the fire that Hollywood is losing its touch when it comes to making summer blockbusters. There is one theory being posited as to why this could be happening. It's referred to as the "Second Act Problem" because most of the scenes that end up on the cutting room floor for this already-lengthy films come from the 2nd act. The 2nd act of the story is arguably where most of the story and character development resides. Read up more on this theory and let us know if you agree with it. (

Sven Pape (aka This Guy Edits) posted a video that demonstrates the power of the editor when it comes to shaping the actor's performance. He breaks down how to approach editing a scene between two characters and gives 9 tips for how you can reshape an actor's performance. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility. You can greatly alter how an actor behaves in a scene but that doesn't mean you always have to. Only if it will improve the scene (in your opinion).


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