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"ABR" Always be Rolling : Cmd+Edit 034

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Episode 34 Command Edit Podcast Always be Closing Coffee is for Closers

We couldn't think of a title for this AKS (All kinds o' shit) episode so it naturally came out at the beginning as "Always be closing". Hopefully you recognize the legendary line from Alec Baldwin's speech in Glengarry Glen Ross. You don't? Watch it below. It's one of the best written and delivered speeches from a movie about sales.

This week we chime in on the 2016 Oscar nominated titles for Best Editing and their respective editors. We apparently didn't watch many movies last year so we'd like to know from you which you think will win it. Tweet us @CommandEdit with your guess.

In this episode we talk about how to successfully "ping" your clients to keep them in touch and make them remember you when they need work done.

Also, how do you build a quote for your time and price when going after a job? We offer some tips on setting your quote up to get a "Yes" and not shoot yourself in the foot.

As well we highlight a just-released add-on from ScreenLight for Adobe Premiere that allows you to import client feedback directly into your project timeline as markers. This will save you some valuable time while getting those revisions done.

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Cmd+Edit #006: An editor is only as powerful as their computer

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This episode marks the first of our podcast that has an official sponsor. Screenlight saves you time on your editing projects and makes you look like a pro in the eyes of your client. Upload your videos to a customizable gallery with ease and allow your clients to easily offer frame-accurate feedback. It’s a great service that gets projects to delivery quickly, which is a win for everyone. Both Josh and Nick have used it for both commercial and feature-length productions and it has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool. The best part is it’s 100% free for you to start using right now. Head over to Screenlight and sign up to use it for your projects now.

Screenlight video review and approval for editors

For shameless plugs this week: Nick hosts another podcast called Limited Release that features reviews of web series and insightful interviews with filmmakers. Check it out to hear all about how web series are produced and which ones are worth watching. Josh has started one-on-one coaching for those who look to improve their editing game. Whether they want to become more efficient with AVID Media Composer, get better at dealing with clients or market yourself better, head over to Edit Video Faster to sign up for an intro session with him.

Michael “Dorkman” Scott is a VFX artist who was struck by a car a year ago and has been on a long, arduous road to recovery. You may know him from the viral Ryan vs. Dorkman video series from the mid-2000’s that were pretty much the first successful Star Wars fan films. His recovery has been covered by his family through the Support Dorkman Facebook Page and just recently he celebrated being able to enjoy a walk outside with some support. Michael, you’re an incredibly person and we all wish you a full recovery. We look forward to seeing you swinging a light sabre again.

An editor is only as good as their edit suite. Well, that may not be entirely true, but it’s incredibly important to maintain your computer’s health and keep it at peak performance. The task list to do so can be dizzying: back up hard drives, upgrade your processor and RAM, and constantly researching new computers and accessories. Plus the rate that technology is changing stresses the need to stay on top of all of this. How long have you had your computer for without upgrading it? Do you have any regular tasks you do monthly to keep your computer running strong?

Your projects will rarely go perfectly according to plan. Because of this every editor develops his/her own workarounds to issues that tend to pop up. We discuss a few that we personally use and how being a skilled editor also means being a skilled problem-solver.

Enjoy this episode and check out our page of episodes to listen to ones you may have missed.