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How much does a video cost? : Cmd+Edit 053

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 53 How much does a video cost budgeting estimate

We are often asked the question "How much does a video cost?" The short answer: It depends.

As a comparison you could ask "How much does a house cost?" and then point out the many factors that affect the cost of a house: location, size, materials, how quickly it needs to be built, etc.

A video production can cost many things many prices

You want to ask specifics from the client early on to determine what kind of video they are expecting to receive, but you also don't want to scare them off with an overwhelming inquisition. You want to ask the right questions to just get the information you need to produce an accurate quote or estimate. That way you ensure that you are giving an accurate number for your services and your client can rest easy that that number won't change (much) during production.

Some standard questions that you can ask a client are:

  • Who is the audience?
  • Will a script be provided?
  • What materials are already produced and available (graphics, stock footage...)?
  • Will we require actors or spokespersons from the company on-screen?
  • Will their be voiceover or narration needed?
  • Do we have to licence music?
Be up front with the client and avoid confusing them with several questions

In building your quote there are two ways to go about it: create a flat rate for the entire project or list off line items (similar to ordering off a menu). Each freelancer develops their own way of building a quote and you will have to, as well.


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  • How to Quote a Video Production? via Sound and Vision Media

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Things Editors Wish Directors Would Do While Filming : Cmd+Edit 011

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 11 What Editors Want to say to directors

If you could tell the director to shoot something differently, what would you tell them?

There are many times when editors wish they could travel back in time to when filming was happening and advise the production crew on how they can make the edit go smoothly.

Whether it be "I wish they got a shot of this" or "Could they have cut a second later" or "Could they have gotten this angle instead?", there are many things that would make the editor's life a lot easier...but they often never occur to the director.

Why? Because they're filming as a director, not as an editor. They have a million things to be thinking about while shooting a scene, and not always is "How will this edit together?" one of those.

So educate them! Tell them what you as the editor needs to do your job the best you can and deliver a golden edit.

Here are some common things that we wish directors would keep in mind when on set. And the most important reason for them to do so is not to make you happy, but to make Mr. Future-Director happy when he/she sees their movie come together in the editing room.

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