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Welcome to 2018 : Episode 84

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 84 Welcome to 2018

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Good-bye, 2017! It's been real.

Hello, 2018! Please be gentle.

Welcome back to another year of Command+Edit, listeners! Thanks for returning. Josh and I play it light for this episode to bring you up to speed on what went down over the holidays and what's to come in the coming weeks for the show.

This episode we get into:

  • New living arrangements, including the complexities of living out of a van
  • Josh's Command+Edit meetup in LA
  • Top Episodes of 2018
  • Movie picks for you to check out
  • What did Santa bring you this year??
  • and more!


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Small Business Tactics for Editors — Interview with Editor Rachel Bastarache Bogan : Episode 80

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Command Edit Podcast interview with Rachel Bogan of Renegade Digital Post Episode 80


This episode is brought to you by Studio Network Solutions and their EVO Shared Storage unit. Every EVO includes their easy to use media management software for organizing, tagging, and finding your media across all of your storage devices—even external, local, and cloud services.

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Rachel Bastarache Bogan is a owner of Renegade Digital Post — a video editing company providing Hollywood-caliber services to filmmakers and content producers outside of Hollywood. In this interview, Nick and Josh find out Rachel’s strategies for working with new clients, how she finds clients not only locally but across the globe, and much more.



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Books for Every Video Editor : Episode 68

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 68 Book suggestions for every film editor

In this episode we'll give you some suggestions for books that every editor should read (at least once) in his/her lifetime that will push you a little further in the edit bay.

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Did you catch the Oscars? Did you cheer for Moonlight or cry over La La Land by the end? While we missed many of the noms this year, we go over some of the big wins from below the line.

Josh's Book Picks:

Nick's Book Picks:

Our listeners suggested:

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Talking About Stranger Things: Episode 58

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Episode 58 of Command Edit Podcast Editing of Stranger Things

Nick is tired because of a wrap party on his recent feature and Josh has been off of caffeine for a while...but it doesn't matter because we're so excited to talk about Stranger Things!


Okay so we are a little late to the party with this one but it was recorded so long ago and Nick kind of dropped the ball on posting new episodes in the last couple of weeks (and he's sorry!).

But we have a number of good episodes ready to go for the next while so strap in and press play.

Stranger Things was an instant game-changer when it came out, playing to viewers' nostalgia of the 80's and delivering a smattering of well-written characters with a good mystery adventure to take us on.

We chat about our experience with the series, why we felt it was hyped up as much as it was, and also what this could mean for any trends the filmmaking world will see as a result of its success.

This includes an increase in directors requesting that 80's style synth score and the title font for their own film. Not joking, within 2 days of the series premiering Nick got a request from his director to use the Stranger Things score as a temp track for their movie. *facepalm*

We have our favourite moments and our notes on the overall editing style and pace of the story.

But we want to hear from you! Leave us a comment over on or tweet us @CommandEdit with what you loved/hated about the series. And what would you do if a director asked you to replicate something from it simply because audiences loved the show?


Codecs, Containers and Compression : Cmd+Edit 052

Nick MontgomeryComment
Episode 52 of Command Edit Podcast Codec Containers and Compression

After the briefest of hiatuses we are BACK! Did you miss us?

This episode Josh and Nick get into the topic of codecs:

  • When to use which ones?
  • How to optimize your encoding settings for faster exports/higher quality videos.
  • How to establish delivery specs with clients early on
  • And some other goodie topics for you

As well there a number of links you should click on this week.

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No, I Do Not Work in Porn : Cmd+Edit 043

Nick MontgomeryComment
Episode 43 Command Edit Podcast the podcast by editors for editors

So we may have had a brief hiatus there. Life gets in the way, work piles up, but we've still got episode that we want to give to you. (Besides you're probably still keeping busy paying attention to NAB announcements, right?)

Thanks for waiting! Here is Episode 43 for you.

In this episode we address that question that every filmmaker gets asked at some point: "So do you make porn movies?"

Did you really just ask me that?

For some reason often when you tell people that you are involved in the film industry they will associate your work with that of the adult, risqué type of cinema. It's annoying and it may be a simple misunderstanding or it could be potentially harmful for your career...or it could be entirely true. We're not here to judge.

To be completely honest I've worked with filmmakers who have experience in the adult film industry and they have been pretty open to discussing it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that line of work in my opinion. And it shouldn't prevent you from getting work in commercials, TV or feature films. Unfortunately not everybody will share this view so we should spend some time talking about how to deal with these situations when it comes up.

This opens to the door to discussing a load of other misconceptions about our work that we should be ready to correct:

  • You're an animator? So you do cel/3D/motion graphics/every form of animation there is then?
  • How much time does it take you to do your work? Why did it take you 1 hour to perform a task last time but then a full day another time?
  • How specialized your skillset is: you may know how to edit, but you may not know how to produce
  • And more



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