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Networking Essentials for Video Editors with Rhonda Thain

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Command Edit Episode 70 Networking for Video Editors with Rhonda Thain

Josh and special guest Rhonda discuss networking essentials for video editors. They talk about how to make contacts, what kind of contacts to make, how to keep relationships going, how to ask for work, what not to do when you’re networking and so much more.

Also, Josh gives a special announcement :)

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Get the Most Out of Post Conferences : Cmd+Edit 037

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Episode 37 of Command Edit Podcast Get the most out of post production conferences

We're having a blast over at the Command+Edit FB Group!

Pop in and see what's going on. Discussions on post production, meet new editors, get your questions answered or be a smartie-pants and answer someone else's.



Do you attend conferences on your own time or your company's time? Do you feel like you are benefitting a lot from the ones you go to?

A little later than usual this week (because Nick traded his editing-at-desk job for a week to work on set of a horror feature) this episode is about all of those post-production conferences that are held throughout the year.

NAB, SXSW, SIGGRAPH and IBC are among the bigger ones you've likely heard of but there are many, many others that you could be attending. If you're antisocial or not a networking person you may not attend many right now, but you should because they can help you out in a lot of ways: expand your network of other post professionals, pick up new skills to boost your editing game, stay on top of new announcements and emerging technology and cement your position (both online and offline) as an expert in your field.

Being an introvert at conferences and networking yourself

We list off some conferences that are worth attending, how to create a "plan of attack" to get the most of your time spent there, create a hitlist of people you want to meet, and other ways you can increase the returned value of getting out to more cons.


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These are the Networking Tools of an Editor : Cmd+Edit 009

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 9 Networking Tools for Film Editors

They are the holy trinity of networking tools for any post-production minion: the business card, the demo reel and the CV.

There are those who swear by them and label them as must-haves. Others think differently and choose to not use them at all. Which camp are you in?

Every editor means to get around to updating his/her CV or reel but it seems to only become a priority when you receive an email from a producer asking for them before they can hire you.

Nick and Josh discuss the benefits to using each to score your next job, and how you can use them more efficiently. Plus we explain why and when we don't bother using them at all.

Does the concept of an editing demo reel even make sense?

Are business cards a good investment or is there a better way to give your info that costs you less?

Should you create a CV or is it okay to just link to your IMDB page?

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