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Interview with Zack Arnold from Fitness in Post : Cmd+Edit 050

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Episode 50 of Command Edit Podcast Interview with Zack Arnold from Fitness in Post Podcast

Zack Arnold is a film and TV editor (Burn Notice, Empire) and the host of the Fitness in Post podcast.

The podcast focuses on how to make healthier changes to your lifestyle while setting yourself up for success as an editor. It's a great resource for finding ways to keep good upkeep on your body and mind so that you can stay creative and do your best work.

Zack started the Fitness in Post podcast once he recognized that the work environment of the editor can be detrimental, especially when taking into account long stretches of hours spent sitting at a desk and not getting proper rest or nutrition.

Nick has been a listener of this podcast for some time and credits it with helping make healthier lifestyle changes in his own life, including not feeling guilty about taking the time you need to take care of yourself (admit it, you've felt this way before, too).

We talk about the origin story of Fitness in Post, why editors seem more prone to neglecting their own health than other trades and what can you do to fix this for yourself.

Editors work all day and never sleep


Zack talks about a new program he's rolling out called Optimize Yourself where you can learn all about how to do what he's talking about in this episode.

Be more active at work, eliminate procrastination and manage your time better so you can have a life outside of work.

It's in beta right now and he's looking for more editors JUST LIKE YOU to sign up for it and chime in with your thoughts on it. As a Command+Edit listener you can get started with a discount of 25% of the current price. When you sign up, be sure to use the promo code COMMANDEDIT to get the discount. So go check it out and give him your feedback.

00:02:31 – Interview with Zack Arnold Start

00:04:11 - Introduction to Fitness in Podcast

00:05:58 - Why are editors so unhealthy?

00:11:15 - Finding the time for what's most important to you; Defining your "Why"

00:12:25 - Going without sleep isn't cool anymore; the effects of sleep-deprivation on your work

00:15:48 - Modify your edit suite to promote more movement

00:19:14 - Be the guy who comes to work with a kale salad every day; tips on nutrition at the desk

00:23:18 - Building a reputation as the "health-nut" in the office

00:24:56 - What's in Zack's edit suite? Fitness and movement tools to get for your office

00:28:33 -  What is the Optimize Yourself program?

00:32:22 - What is Zack's daily routine?

00:37:02 - Reprogram your brain by creating good habits

00:39:12 - Zack and I geek out about OCR (obstacle course racing) for a bit, like Spartan races, Tough Mudders, etc.

00:46:56 - How to edit a movie in a language you don't even speak; OR how to learn Mandarin by editing a feature



Keep Your BRAIN Happy and Sharp - Health Episode Part 2 : Cmd+Edit 049

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 49 Keep your brain happy health and sharp with mindfulness and meditation

The key is to leave work a little less crazy than when you walked in.

Last week's episode dealt with keeping yourself healthy and fit while working those insane hours in the edit bay. This week we're getting into an ever more neglected area: keeping your mind sharp and healthy.

Are you overworked? Sleep-deprived? Running on the power of coffee alone from day to day? Then listen up.

We editors work INSANE hours and have to put up with huge demands, tight deadlines and having to work under tremendous pressure (arguably more so than most other trades).

So we share a few ways you can train your mind to be healthy, fully functioning and how to take a few quick minutes out of the day to take care of it.

A few things we mention:

  • How nutrition can affect your brain
  • The difference between GOOD coffee and BAD coffee
  • Light therapy
  • Work better, not MULTITASKING
  • Don't just get MORE sleep, get BETTER sleep
  • What is gray matter and why should you have more of it?
  • The benefits of mindfulness and meditation each day


Why are editors out of shape? Health Episode Part 1 : Cmd+Edit 048

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Command Edit Podcast health episode why are editors out of shape

This week we are talking taking care of our bodies and minds so that we can edit until we're the ripe old age of 95!

You have career goals but do you have health goals? You'll need to take care of your body because it's the vehicle you'll use to get you to the finish line.

We editors have a reputation for neglecting our health whether it be not exercising, sitting with incorrect posture, going without sleep or some other way that will kill you slowly.

This episode addresses that reputation: Why are editors out of shape? (not all of us, but let's face it, the majority seem to be).

This is also Part 1 of a 2-parter that will address overall health awareness. The next episode will deal with mental health, how to keep your brain stimulated, healthy and creative. So stay tuned for Part 2!

Like to run? Or have you been telling yourself you need to get back into it?

Josh and Nick are issuing a running challenge to you for the month of June. We both use the Nike Running+ app (download it for free here) to track our running stats. So we invite our listeners who are looking for a group to run with to join us. Get the app, add us (still trying to find out our usernames, but you can add is if you have us on Facebook) and set your running goal. Then try and keep up!

Join the Command+Edit Facebook Group and post your running progress there while cheering others on. Grab those sneakers and hit the pavement with us for June! You deserve it.


  • Fitness in Post Podcast - Optimize the Most Powerful Operating System You Have...Yourself.
  • Ben Greenfield PodcastHow To Achieve Superhuman Feats Of PhysicalPerformance Without Destroying Your Body
  • Nerd FitnessNerd Fitness helps desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives.

Have you tried turning it off and on? : Cmd+Edit 029

Nick MontgomeryComment

In this episode we follow up our previous topic from Episode 28 about goal setting for success.

As Homer Simpson once said...


The wise sage Homer Simpson

And in a way...he's absolutely right!

You are bound to fail. Everybody does! Nobody succeeds on the first try. And if you do, you are a superhuman and we should be worshipping you accordingly. But it's more likely that you are only human like the rest of us.

When we fail, we tend to let it affect our motivation and sometimes throw in the towel right then and there. But you've set your goals for a reason: they are things you truly WANT to achieve. So don't let a little thing like FAILURE stand in your way.

We discuss 4 steps (or 5, depending on whether you listen to Josh or Nick the most) you can immediately take upon failure that will get you back on the proverbial horse. A sort of...resetting if you will. Pressing "continue" on that Game Over screen.

Video game continue screen

The steps are summed up as:

  1. Determine what led to your "Game Over"

  2. Come up with a strategy and hit "Continue"

  3. Track your progress often to recognize when you go off course

  4. forgive yourself: Remember that failures Are an essential part of reaching your goal. learn from them!


How to Set Up Your 2016 Goals : Cmd+Edit 028

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Episode 28 of Command Edit Podcast Goal Setting for 2016 New Year as an Entrepreneur or Freelancer
"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals."

Around this time of year you start thinking of your New Year's resolutions. Actually...let's be're most likely thinking about how bogus New Year's resolutions are.


They are there for people to set, attempt for the month of January and then completely abandon without guilt. When's the last time you a heard from a friend of yours who actually saw one of their resolution through to the end of the year?

But setting goals for yourself is a very important part of learning and improvement. And there are ways you can establish your goals so that you are more likely to succeed at them.

In this episode we talk about a few ways that you can set yourself up for success with your own goals for the next year. They are simple but very essential to getting yourself to the next level.


Also as we end this year, we can't thank our listeners enough! (That would be you).

This podcast started as a shared goal between Josh and myself, as we mention in the episode, and along the way has turned its focus to the goals of the listeners.

What do you want to learn about post-production that will help you in your career?

What other ways are you looking to improve your physical and mental health?

What else would help give you that boost that you need to become more confident with yourself?

We have a lot planned for the Command+Edit Podcast for 2016. Listen to the episode to find out what our goals are and how we plan to achieve them.

Thanks to the kind folk over at Art of the Guillotine for putting our Star Wars episode front and centre on their page. Check out AotG for tons of resources on the filmmaking industry updated daily.


Share them with us by tweeting @CommandEdit. Literally takes 3 seconds using this handy button below. Once you'd tweeted it, you're one step closer to achieving it. And we will then hound you with progress updates.