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Taking the leap into FREELANCING : Cmd+Edit 047

Nick MontgomeryComment
Taking the leap to freelance film and video editing Episode 47 of Command Edit Podcast

Josh has an announcement to make: he is taking the leap to being a freelance editor!

On this podcast we've discussed the differences between freelance and contract/full-time positions, with Josh and Nick representing both sides of the coin. However now...all that is about to change.

This decision has been long in the making and there has been much thought put into this move. This episode we get to capture what goes on in the mind of an editor as they make this transition. So for editors who are considering going freelance, this will be a great episode to know how to best prepare yourself for it.

Thanks to our listeners!

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Because if you're a freelancer then you're probably working at home right now and have a tab open to Facebook right now, right?...

Even editors need a vacation

Nick MontgomeryComment
Josh doing an obligatory selfie in front of the Ghost Dog of Christmas Past

Josh doing an obligatory selfie in front of the Ghost Dog of Christmas Past

#PostDontStop is just a hashtag. We all know that everyone needs to get away to recharge the batteries. Otherwise you risk overworking yourself which leads to burnout, and then your work will surely suffer. Either that or you become easily irritable and become no fun to be around, which your workmates and clients will surely notice. Because of this you should never neglect your mental or physical health and should allow yourself a break when you need it.

If you have a contract or permanent position then your employer should allow for vacation time, but if you are a freelancer then you have both the freedom and responsibility of choosing the right time to go on vacation.

Before you pack up and leave, you should leave your business in good order so that you're ready to operate when you get back. Here is my own 4-point mental checklist for going away:

 • Contact your clients

A simple email to your current clients to tell them when you're gone and what time you'll be returning is all it takes to cover your arse. Allow them enough time to ask any important questions before you leave. They'll appreciate that you took the time to let them know.

Update your co-workers and assistants

Any members of shared projects should be aware that you're taking off, and you should make sure that they have everything they need to do their work without you. The last thing you want is an email from a panicked co-worker who needs files off of your computer and no access to it.

Upload files for yourself that you wil need

If I ever feel like there are project elements that I may (even in an emergency) need to get at, they go up to a Dropbox/Google Drive folder or I email them to myself. You never know.

Write up a To-Do List for when you return

I don't want to be thinking of work while I'm away, so anything I need to remind myself of goes into a Return To-Do List. This list doesn't get looked at until I'm back in the office. That way it's out of my mind and I can relax without worry.

Nick in BC doing an obligatory beard-selfie on a hike. 

Nick in BC doing an obligatory beard-selfie on a hike. 

Coincidentally both Josh and myself planned vacations for ourselves at the same time. He's over in Japan while I'm over in BC. 

But worry not! We left the Cmd+Edit offices on autorun, with new episodes to go out each Monday morning. Even vacation doesn't keep the podcast from running. So I guess there still is a bit of truth to #PostDontStop even when work does go on pause.

After Effects & You : Cmd+Edit 023

Nick MontgomeryComment
Command Edit Podcast episode 23 talks about After Effects and using it as part of the post-production workflow for vfx

Every editor nowadays appears to be expected to have a basic understanding of After Effects. It is the new Photoshop, in that clients assume that you are able to use AE to achieve certain effects for their videos, whether it be removing logos, adding motion graphics or more advanced compositing.

In this episode we cover some ways that After Effects should be a part of your everyday workflow:

  • Do you currently use AE for your workflow? Here are some suggestions for how it can be a big part of your toolkit.
  • Should you use After Effects or Nuke or Fusion? There are differences between layer-based and node-based compositing programs.
  • Creative ways to polish your shots in After Effects.
  • Are your clients expecting you to know some of these compositing tools when they hire you?
  • Where can you get better training on After Effects to get you started?

Also, we are looking for some ideas for what the first pieces of Cmd+Edit merch could be. Rather than do the basic t-shirt or coffee mug, we want to do put our logo on something that's going to be especially unique and useful for you. It can be something for your desk, for your kitchen or even for your pet (thinking outside of the box here!). If you have any ideas for merch items that you'd like us to offer a limited run of, tweet them to @CommandEdit.

Did you see the ultra-cool video that mashes together about 20 different characters from popular movies and composite them all into the same nightclub? Serpico, Terminator, Blade, Pinhead, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many others appear in Hell's Club. It's an exercise in creative compositing and editing.

And we chose to close out this episode with an Ed Sheeran track. Why? Because we could. Enjoy!





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