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Double The Podcast, Double The Fun! : Cmd+Edit 012

Nick MontgomeryComment

So last week Josh and I had a clashing of schedules and couldn't find the time for both of us to record together. Instead of release nothing we decided that we would each record our own segment and slap them together.

Basically you get two episodes for the price of one this week!

Josh talks about how you can benefit from "backing your car in". That one needs a bit of explaining, but rest assured it is a metaphor for how you can be better prepared for whatever your work may throw at you and at any moment's notice be able to seize an opportunity like a pro.

Nick has some thoughts about this whole "CGI is ruining movies!" cry that is being heard across the internets lately. With the release of so many movies this summer that rely heavily on CGI, it's become the usual suspect for when the movies fail to tell a good story. But is that fair of us? After viewing Jurassic World last month with some filmmaker friends, it changed Nick's view of CGI in movies nowadays and this will explain why he feels they get villified too much.

Here is the 2003/2008 Hulk comparison mentioned in Nick's segment. Which one do you think looks better?

Here is the video that Nick mentions about "The Weta Effect", which gives a theory on why VFX nowadays are so detailed and advanced yet rejected by audiences.

And finally if you're hungry for another podcast that touches on this very same topic, check out the Film in Focus Podcast. Specifically Episode 195 "Dumbing Down of Film".

Let us know what you think of this episode