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Rise of the Sufferfests - Interview with the editor Erik Swanson: Episode 57

Nick MontgomeryComment
Command Edit Podcast interview with Erik Swanson editor of Rise of the Sufferfests documentary on OCR

We welcome editor Erik Swanson on the show, who recently completed work on his first feature length credit: Rise of the Sufferfests, a documentary that explores the rising trend of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing).

You may have heard me talk about OCR occasionally as it's become an obsession of mine in the past year. If you've heard of Tough Mudder, Spartan races or anything similar then you've probably thought one of two things: 1) "That sounds like fun!" or 2) "Why do people actually do this??"

Rise of the Sufferfests sets out to answer that latter question, as director Scott Keneally investigates the world of OCR using himself as a guinea pig and interviews with multiple racers.

Erik Swanson got started in filmmaking working mostly with sports editorial footage for 11 years before jumping into the world of freelancing and becoming attached to RotS with Scott and his group.

Documentary filmmaking is not for the faint of heart. It can involve insanely large amounts of dedicated time, endless hours of footage to sift through and a story to find. It's not like scripted content where you always start the timeline with some semblance of a story prepared. The editor has a lot of creative control when it comes to crafting the story of a doc, but it's also a huge responsibility.

Literally the only image of Erik Swanson that exists. And the only one needed.

Literally the only image of Erik Swanson that exists. And the only one needed.

In this episode Erik and I discussed:

  • how he rose to the challenge of editing Rise of the Sufferfests
  • how he looks for the story in the footage
  • how does documentary editing differ from scripted content
  • will he continue pursuing documentaries
  • and also will he be signing up for an obstacle course race in the future?

You can watch Rise of the Sufferfests right now (as of Sept 1st, 2016) on iTunes. Click the link here to purchase a digital copy instantly on iTunes for $14.99 or visit the store on the RotS website to purchase a t-shirt/movie bundle.

Check out more of Erik's work over on his website. And encourage him to get on Twitter.

Watch the movie already? Let us know what you thought of it. Leave a comment below or tweet us @CommandEdit.


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