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Can A Monkey Learn To Edit? : Cmd+Edit 051

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Episode 51 Command Edit Podcast for Post Production Editors Can Anyone Be Taught to Edit?

Can a monkey be taught to edit?

Or at least can any HUMAN be taught to edit? This is the question we set out to answer in this week's episode.

We live in a time where anyone could certainly have access to the gear and training necessary to start learning. And for some it's a prickly topic of conversation about how so many up-and-comers are diluting the market and creating too much competition for the rest of us.

Or is there far more to it that simply cannot be taught and will always separate the "button mashers" who only know the shortcuts to those of us who call ourselves storytellers and rely more on theory and technique of what makes a good edit?

More and more editors are filling the market each year, as well there are more companies that are turning to training their in-house staff the basics of Adobe Premiere to save money on hiring an outside freelancer.

Listen up to Episode 51 and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Are You My Competition or a Collaborator?: Cmd+Edit 008

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Episode 8 Command Edit Podcast featuring black fawn films wrap day on Bed of the Dead

Nowadays it seems like you can throw a stone and hit 5 editors. The industry has exploded over the past decade and in the struggle to get noticed and hired some have taken different approaches. Some treat other editors strictly as competition and work hard at improving their own skills and marketing themselves. Some treat other editors as collaborators, brothers-in-arms to team up with and support one another in their careers.

It may seem that taking the competitive approach is a negative one, but there are some advantages to it. As well, there are times when collaborating and building a team can help further everyone in attaining a booming career.

Somehow Nick manages to squeeze in Nash's Equilibrium theory and a strategy for getting laid into his explanation on how to decide whether to compete or collaborate.

Not everyone is looking for someone to collaborate with (or be a mentor to) and you can expect some to not react well to a proposition to work together for experience. Listen at the [30:28] mark for a story about an encounter Nick had with a gruff veteran photographer and the price he had on working together.


Nick's first feature edited for Black Fawn Films was recently released. The Drownsman (2013) was the first time Nick worked on the edit of a film while it was in production and it changed his career path forever. It's available on iTunes for $12.99 and on Amazon on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Josh has released a blog series titled "Over the Editor's Shoulder" chronicling a new series he is editing. It's split into 4 parts and you can see his daily progress and tips for editing faster.

Josh Short in his Over the Editors Shoulder blog series