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BONUS EP The Benefits of a 7-Day Sugar Detox : Cmd+Edit 044.5

Nick MontgomeryComment
Bonus Command Edit Podcast episode on 7 day sugar detox benefits and support

This here is a bonus episode for you to enjoy just for being awesome listeners!

We invited Andrea back on to the show in response to listeners saying they were curious about the 7-Day Sugar Detox group that she runs each month.

  • What does doing a sugar detox involve?
  • Are there ways to prepare the body for removing sugar from the diet?
  • What are the biggest challenges of a sugar detox and how does the group help?
  • Just how much sugar is in everyday food that you consume (Hint: Sugar hides in many foods under different names. It's sneaky like a ninja!)

You can join Andrea's 7-Day Sugar Detox group for FREE because she runs it out of the goodness of her heart. And also because she helps people for a living to make healthier lifestyle choices in nutrition and is an all-around pretty happy person herself.

Join the 7-Day Sugar Detox Group here.

Check out more on Andrea and her holistic work on her Llovara Holistic website.

Holistic nutrition for editors : Cmd+Edit 044

Nick MontgomeryComment

Today's guest is Andrea McLaughlin from Llovara Holistic and I'm so glad to chat with her about what fuels us and keeps us creative and active throughout the day.

I asked recently in the Command+Edit Facebook group how some of you rate your ability to make good food choices while on the job and (surprise!) a lot of you said you often cave and eat foods that you know will have a negative impact on you.

Our jobs are known for being particularly stressful, constantly changing and leave us with little to no chance to eating healthy.

So with that in mind, Andrea is here to save the day! She tells us:

  • How can eating better make us feel better and work more creatively?
  • What foods should we avoid for their negative affects?
  • What exactly does "holistic" mean and what does it have to do with us wanting to work better day-to-day?

Check out Andrea's website to find out more about the holistic work that she does.

She also runs a 7 Day Sugar Detox group on Facebook each month. It's a great way to kick a sugar habit out of the body and to become aware of how it affects you physically and mentally. Cost nothing to participate and the group supports you all the way.