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The Editing of Mad Max: Fury Road : Cmd+Edit 024

Nick MontgomeryComment

In this episode we look at Mad Max: Fury Road and talk about the editing style used in this action-packed film.

Josh and I are the last two people in the world to watch Fury Road. It's been hailed as the "perfect action film" and has effectively hit the refresh button on the Hollywood action blockbuster. Featuring more actual stunts than CGI and a style reminiscent of the 70's road chase, exploitation films, Fury Road is a great example of an action-driven story told very well.

“Film is a mosaic art. A lot like music. It’s astonishing how even a subtle rearrangement can have a potent effect.”
— Margaret Sixel, editor of Fury Road

Listen on to hear us break down what made George Miller's action hit so successful as a story, what we thought of the editing style used and what lessons we can take away from it.


What editing tricks did you notice used in the film? Let us know on twitter @CommandEdit.

In this episode we mention how fury road was filmed by center-framing the action. for a visual explanation, click play on the video below by vashi nedomansky and check out his blog (