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Keep Your BRAIN Happy and Sharp - Health Episode Part 2 : Cmd+Edit 049

Nick MontgomeryComment
Command Edit Podcast Episode 49 Keep your brain happy health and sharp with mindfulness and meditation

The key is to leave work a little less crazy than when you walked in.

Last week's episode dealt with keeping yourself healthy and fit while working those insane hours in the edit bay. This week we're getting into an ever more neglected area: keeping your mind sharp and healthy.

Are you overworked? Sleep-deprived? Running on the power of coffee alone from day to day? Then listen up.

We editors work INSANE hours and have to put up with huge demands, tight deadlines and having to work under tremendous pressure (arguably more so than most other trades).

So we share a few ways you can train your mind to be healthy, fully functioning and how to take a few quick minutes out of the day to take care of it.

A few things we mention:

  • How nutrition can affect your brain
  • The difference between GOOD coffee and BAD coffee
  • Light therapy
  • Work better, not MULTITASKING
  • Don't just get MORE sleep, get BETTER sleep
  • What is gray matter and why should you have more of it?
  • The benefits of mindfulness and meditation each day