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Interview with Twain Richardson : Episode 79

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In this episode we bring our friend Twain Richardson on to guest as he tells us all about setting up a career right in the heart of Jamaica. Establishing oneself in a market where production is pretty sparse compared to the likes of LA and NY can be immensely challenging. While most people feel the pressure to move to Hollywood to "go where the work is", there are those who thrive where they are and set themselves as a niche service provider in the TV and commercial industry.

If you are currently considering whether you need to relocate to be successful, give a listen to Twain's story.


  • ~11:30 Introduction to Twain
  • ~12:20 What is Jamaica's client base like?
  • ~13:58 Describing his workspace layout
  • ~15:05 Twain's origin story: go to work or go to school?
  • ~19:09 Getting a mentor early in your career
  • ~20:33 How do you tell a good story?
  • ~21:19 Twain's "Frame of Reference" site filled with valuable interviews with established editors (which is now defunct but you can still find individual articles like this)
  • ~25:58 The value of networking and asking questions from other editors out there; great lessons learned from talking with the pros
  • ~31:20 Have you ever felt the pressure to relocate and why did you decide to stay put?
  • ~33:43 Big differences in work environment depending where you are geographically - Are there still deadlines in Jamaica?
  • ~39:50 What in the hell is a toque?...



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