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How to be a SENSITIVE Editor : Episode 62

Nick MontgomeryComment
Episode 62 of Command Edit On how to be a sensitive editor and avoid controversial material or offending audiences

Welcome on back! You may notice that we took a bit of a hiatus there for a bit. So first of all thanks for continuing to subscribe and listen to us.

Walking on thin ice when working with controversial material

What do you do when you're dealing with sensitive material at your work?

Have you ever been concerned that you're working on could offend your audience?

Should you play it safe and avoid offending your audience or is a little controversy going to benefit your project?

In this episode Josh and I talk about how to tread lightly when dealing with potentially volatile material in your work, and how it might affect any of your creative decisions.

Nick works on horror features so from his point of view a little bit of controversial material can sometimes equal "bad press". Shock value is highly sought after from horror directors when it comes to excessive gore, nudity or remarks. But how far is too far?

Josh having worked on a number of corporate/commercial videos that represent big businesses knows all too well the concern of representing a brand faithfully without sending any offensive images or messages.

This year has seen its share of controversy, especially in pop culture. Hollywood seems to offend people regularly with its advertising material:

Controversy over X-men Apocalypse billboard

Have you ever found yourself walking on thin ice when working on your edit? Share your stories with us so we know we're not just talking to ourselves here. We would really like to hear from you.


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