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Effective Ways to Use Your Down Time : Cmd+Edit 014

Nick MontgomeryComment

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This week we talk about those times when an editor is not working...confused yet? When you have down time how do you use it? Some work on marketing themselves, some have side projects to work on, some actually go on vacation. This episode isn't about that last group.

Here are some ways to make good use of your down time to further your career as an editor.

*Note that we here at Cmd+Edit fully acknowledge the importance and sheer joy of taking a much-needed vacation. We are not overlooking the value of that here, just saying if you're looking for more work to do, here are some ideas.

Ideas for spending your down time:

  • Marketing Research
    • What other new marketing tools should you be using? Which ones do you currently use? Which ones would you like to try?
  • Film Research
    • AKA Watching movies!
  • Training & Skill Development
    • Perfecting your editing skills with services like, Tutsplus, or Larry Jordan
    • BUT let's not forget improving other skills like financial, communication, graphic design and marketing
  • Networking and Partnering
    • Always be meeting new people and reconnecting with past clients
    • Use this CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Template to keep track of your relationships with your clients. It helps as a cheat sheet when you're headed into a meeting with an old client. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE
  • Passion Projects
    • Yours or someone else's.
    • Have a goal for doing them and treat them with the same respect and importance as paying work, but be sure you're getting what you want out of them. If you're not enjoying working on it, it'll show in your work.

Do you edit to the beat of your music track? The Power Edit posted an article that challenged whether or not your work may suffer if you do. Why Cutting on the Beat is Killing Your Edit. Josh and I have different opinions on this. Listen to the episode to hear us discuss this.

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