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Cmd+Edit Episode #002: Do something new or do something different

Nick MontgomeryComment
Command Edit Podcast Do something new or different

In each episode Josh and I will be fighting the urge to talk endlessly about our own personal projects, but we will include a short "Shameless Plug" segment at the beginning to briefly promote a project we're working on. What are you working on? Tweet us with your Shameless Plug for whatever you're working on.

In this business you've got to keep coming up with new ideas all of the time. But how do you deal with that feeling of being outside of your comfort zone (or trying to get a client outside of their's)? Nick's segment comes from a documentary editing workshop he attended recently, which isn't his usual type of work but learning new skills can be beneficial to your current work.

You have a goal you want to achieve? How do you take that first step towards getting there? Josh's segment is about how to find the determination to take that first step out the door to start a large project, take your business in a new direction or run a marathon. You have a list of things you'd like to do in your lifetime, so decide to yourself that you will take that first step, figure out what it is and GO DO SOMETHING.

"Do something new. Do something different."

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