Command+Edit Podcast

The post-production podcast that goes beyond the desk

Cmd+Edit Episode #001: Staying creative and fit while editing

Nick MontgomeryComment

Once upon a time there were two editors who yearned for a podcast that discussed topics on post-production. Not just post at the desk, but post BEYOND the desk as well.

When these two editors met, the Command+Edit Podcast was borne.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Command+Edit Podcast. Find out what's going on in the post-production industry, editing workflow tips and other resources to help you understand editing better. But also we'll ways to improve your lifestyle away from the desk: keeping yourself physically and mentally fit, balancing work commitments with personal ones, and improving your business skills while pursuing your career in post.

Get introduced to Nick and Josh in this first episode. Find out how we set out to make a podcast on post that's different from the rest.

First up, how to keep the creative juices pumpin' each day while moving from timeline-to-timeline. And how taking a bit of time each day to keep yourself fit can really give your work a boost.