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Cmd+Edit #003: The one question every editor hates to be asked

Nick MontgomeryComment
Command Edit Episode 3 Avid, Premiere or FCP

"What program do you use to edit with?"

It's that damn question that every editor gets asked all of the time. And those who are just starting out in the industry also obsess over it. So we set the record straight for each of us, explaining which programs we use and why (Avid and Premiere respectively for Josh and Nick). And then we talk about why it's not nearly as important a question as you may think.

The first steps in starting a project can really influence how smoothly it will go for you. Each of us has their own way of beginning a project. We give some of our own habits and techniques that we follow and how they can help you in starting your edit. Got some tips to keeping your projects organized from the start? Share them with us.

Josh wrote an article for Screenlight's blog, Success Tips from Five Experienced Editors. It's a good read and Nick even got a couple of words featured in there somewhere. There are some good tips in here for anyone looking to get ahead as an editor.

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