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Choose your path wisely : Cmd+Edit 036

Nick MontgomeryComment
Choose your path wisely Command+Edit Podcast 036

Are you on the right path for your career?

We all want to end up with success eventually but have you ever considered if you're taking the right steps to achieve it for yourself? The questions we ask in this episode are some of the toughest ones that anyone dares to think of and give serious thought to.


Adobe released an update for Creative Cloud that gave a few users a scare when it ended up trashing some important folders without warning. You may want to hold off on that update. Click here for the fully story.

Avid released an update for Media Composer 8.5 that doesn't trash your important files. So that's something.

And by the way, does anyone happen to know what Deadpool was cut on? *sarcasm font* Everyone's talking about how the latest Marvel movie broke new ground by proving that R-rated movies can bust the box office, but we're more interested in the fact that Premiere was the director's only choice when it came to choosing an NLE. Premiere Bro has a page dedicated to almost every link, post and tweet about it. Check it out. (Link)


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