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BONUS EP The Benefits of a 7-Day Sugar Detox : Cmd+Edit 044.5

Nick MontgomeryComment
Bonus Command Edit Podcast episode on 7 day sugar detox benefits and support

This here is a bonus episode for you to enjoy just for being awesome listeners!

We invited Andrea back on to the show in response to listeners saying they were curious about the 7-Day Sugar Detox group that she runs each month.

  • What does doing a sugar detox involve?
  • Are there ways to prepare the body for removing sugar from the diet?
  • What are the biggest challenges of a sugar detox and how does the group help?
  • Just how much sugar is in everyday food that you consume (Hint: Sugar hides in many foods under different names. It's sneaky like a ninja!)

You can join Andrea's 7-Day Sugar Detox group for FREE because she runs it out of the goodness of her heart. And also because she helps people for a living to make healthier lifestyle choices in nutrition and is an all-around pretty happy person herself.

Join the 7-Day Sugar Detox Group here.

Check out more on Andrea and her holistic work on her Llovara Holistic website.