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Back to School...Year 2 : Episode 59

Nick MontgomeryComment
Episode 59 of Command Edit Podcast Back to school how to learn new applications

Oh the benefit of batch recording episodes is that you always have one to put out even when you fall behind in recording. The downside is whatever the topic is may not be as timely as it was when you first covered it.

Thus, we present to you our Back to School episode that was originally recorded in early September. Listen to our previous post Episode 30 where we covered some of the best ways you can school yourself and give your skills a boost. Including a number of easy online resources as well as the traditional institutions that you can apply to in order to further your education.

We congratulate one of our listeners, Katie Green, who is currently kicking ass in her first semester in her broadcasting program at Conestoga.

There are a number of news updates that we discuss, including hot feature updates for Adobe CC 2015, determining whether GoPro's latest video is legit or sorcery, and BlackMagic continues to assimilate other software into itself by purchasing Ultimatte and Fairlight plugins.

Then just wait for it...because we discuss some news ways for you to add to your bag of editing tricks. When you first open a program that is completely foreign to you, where do you start? Nick has some insight from when he made the leap from After Effects to Nuke as a compositor.



• Episode 30 of Cmd+Edit where we listed off a number of helpful ways for you to boost your knowledge of editing. There are some suggestions of brick and mortar institutions as well as a number of online resources you can use immediately. (

• GoPro's Karma Drone Footage - Real or Fake? (

• BlackMagic purchases Ultimatte and Fairlight (

• Avid release notes for version 8.6.3 (

• A Full Roundup of Adobe’s Late 2016 Creative Cloud Updates (