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Appreciating the Grind

Josh ShortComment

I’ve had a couple brutal weeks of work recently. I’ve been traveling up and down the East Coast, filming nearly everyday then capturing and editing at night. Yes, I still sometimes say capturing when I mean transcoding. #oldschool

Tonight while walking Peyton staring up into the night sky I realized I hadn’t appreciated everything I’ve been working on and fully see the scope of it. I mean think about it – someone is paying me money to run around with a camera and play with footage on a computer. Pretty cool, right?

99.9% of the day I forget about this. All I’m thinking about is “gotta get this shot” or “why the heck do I have to resend this video?” It’s never, “I get to shoot this shot” or “I get to resend this project I worked hard on and someone wants to share with the world.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, minute-to-minute rush of production and post production. I’m continually guilty of this. But for a moment tonight, I was at peace with the hundreds of hours of work I’ve been putting in recently.

Now it’s late, my personal batteries are drained and I’m ready to be grumpy video guy again tomorrow.

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