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All-Canadian Episode with Rhonda Thain : Episode 87

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 87 Rhonda Thain Canadian


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I recorded this episode with special recurring guest, Rhonda Thain, way back in December when Josh took off for his LA trip. But for some odd reason I've never gotten around to releasing it (that reason could be because I am a master procrastinator).

So a thousand apologies to you for withholding this episode! But you're in for a treat because this one is JAM-PACKED with helpful words from Rhonda. We hit on some topics related to how to work better like:

  • How to fight burnout with 18+ hour work days on top of weekends and overtime
  • Keeping the creative juices flowing when battling exhaustion
  • Knowing when to turn down work for your own mental sanity
  • Establishing a morning/night routine and...
  • How to bring on that "Eureka moment" that occurs when a solution to a problem just hits you
  • Avoiding the pitfall of a "living-to-work" attitude
  • When to be a "Dream Crusher" for directors well as offering some commentary on some relevant topics like:

So sit back with your coffee, enjoy the episode and start thinking about where on your wall you can mount a plaque with the words "This too shall pass" there to remind you when you're deep into your work and pushing your physical and mental limits.


Song used in this episode was Get Down by Jessie Villa. Get royalty-free stock music from Soundstripe! Use the code COMMANDEDIT for 10% off!