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Can You Be Fired for Being Sick?: Episode 55

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Can you be fired from your job for being sick or calling in a sick day

Can you be fired for being sick?

This started as a Twitter discussion from a question Scott Simmons posed earlier. There were many different opinions shared and it's not a simple yes/no question.

So we're here to discuss it further, what are your rights as a freelancer and how should you balance out the responsibilities of the job and your own health?

Do you think an assistant can be rightfully fired for calling in sick?

Do you have a story about coming down with a serious illness and having to push through on a deadline? Let us know in the comments about it.



[4:30] What have Josh and Nick been working on this week?...

[11:25] Scott Simmons (@EditBlog) asked his Twitter followers if his assistant editor should be replaced because he was sick and didn't show for work. It generated an interesting discussion on Twitter and inspired this week's episode. What is your opinion? Leave it in a comment below and we'll respond to it.

[16:04] The difference between a freelancer and a full-timer when it comes to sick days...



EDIT: Scott wrote on Pro Video Coalition after this Twitter discussion and included a follow-up to this story with the sick AE and how the rest of the project went. Worth noting is the tail section of the article where he gleans some advice for working for/with someone new for the first time. Check out the full article here for 6 tips for working as an assistant for someone new.


Quitting the business! : Cmd+Edit 054

Nick MontgomeryComment
Command Edit Podcast Episode 54 Post Production Editor When to quit the filmmaking industry

Welcome to Episode 54 of Command+Edit Podcast!

We all inevitably reach a point in our careers when we start to really question if this industry is for you. Let's face it, it's not for everyone. It means long hours, a lot of pressure, making deadlines, unsteady financial status and dealing with a lot of other factors that make your job difficult.

This came about recently when a colorist/editor that we follow, Ben Brainerd, announced on Twitter that he was hanging up his hat and switching careers entirely. You can read all about his decisions, how he arrived at them and his reasons for settling on this new path (and a completely different address!).

Follow Ben Brainerd on Twitter and join us in wishing him well on his journey.

If you have ever reached a point where you seriously considered getting out of the filmmaking business entirely, then we would like to hear your story. Email us ( or tweet us (

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How much does a video cost? : Cmd+Edit 053

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 53 How much does a video cost budgeting estimate

We are often asked the question "How much does a video cost?" The short answer: It depends.

As a comparison you could ask "How much does a house cost?" and then point out the many factors that affect the cost of a house: location, size, materials, how quickly it needs to be built, etc.

A video production can cost many things many prices

You want to ask specifics from the client early on to determine what kind of video they are expecting to receive, but you also don't want to scare them off with an overwhelming inquisition. You want to ask the right questions to just get the information you need to produce an accurate quote or estimate. That way you ensure that you are giving an accurate number for your services and your client can rest easy that that number won't change (much) during production.

Some standard questions that you can ask a client are:

  • Who is the audience?
  • Will a script be provided?
  • What materials are already produced and available (graphics, stock footage...)?
  • Will we require actors or spokespersons from the company on-screen?
  • Will their be voiceover or narration needed?
  • Do we have to licence music?
Be up front with the client and avoid confusing them with several questions

In building your quote there are two ways to go about it: create a flat rate for the entire project or list off line items (similar to ordering off a menu). Each freelancer develops their own way of building a quote and you will have to, as well.


  • Audio Network is a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that allows you to browse, preview and purchase music tracks for your edit ALL WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR PROJECT. It embeds a panel directly into the Premiere interface making the music licensing process completely seamless. Sign up and give it a try. (
  • How to Quote a Video Production? via Sound and Vision Media

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Codecs, Containers and Compression : Cmd+Edit 052

Nick MontgomeryComment
Episode 52 of Command Edit Podcast Codec Containers and Compression

After the briefest of hiatuses we are BACK! Did you miss us?

This episode Josh and Nick get into the topic of codecs:

  • When to use which ones?
  • How to optimize your encoding settings for faster exports/higher quality videos.
  • How to establish delivery specs with clients early on
  • And some other goodie topics for you

As well there a number of links you should click on this week.

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Can A Monkey Learn To Edit? : Cmd+Edit 051

Nick MontgomeryComment
Episode 51 Command Edit Podcast for Post Production Editors Can Anyone Be Taught to Edit?

Can a monkey be taught to edit?

Or at least can any HUMAN be taught to edit? This is the question we set out to answer in this week's episode.

We live in a time where anyone could certainly have access to the gear and training necessary to start learning. And for some it's a prickly topic of conversation about how so many up-and-comers are diluting the market and creating too much competition for the rest of us.

Or is there far more to it that simply cannot be taught and will always separate the "button mashers" who only know the shortcuts to those of us who call ourselves storytellers and rely more on theory and technique of what makes a good edit?

More and more editors are filling the market each year, as well there are more companies that are turning to training their in-house staff the basics of Adobe Premiere to save money on hiring an outside freelancer.

Listen up to Episode 51 and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Interview with Zack Arnold from Fitness in Post : Cmd+Edit 050

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Episode 50 of Command Edit Podcast Interview with Zack Arnold from Fitness in Post Podcast

Zack Arnold is a film and TV editor (Burn Notice, Empire) and the host of the Fitness in Post podcast.

The podcast focuses on how to make healthier changes to your lifestyle while setting yourself up for success as an editor. It's a great resource for finding ways to keep good upkeep on your body and mind so that you can stay creative and do your best work.

Zack started the Fitness in Post podcast once he recognized that the work environment of the editor can be detrimental, especially when taking into account long stretches of hours spent sitting at a desk and not getting proper rest or nutrition.

Nick has been a listener of this podcast for some time and credits it with helping make healthier lifestyle changes in his own life, including not feeling guilty about taking the time you need to take care of yourself (admit it, you've felt this way before, too).

We talk about the origin story of Fitness in Post, why editors seem more prone to neglecting their own health than other trades and what can you do to fix this for yourself.

Editors work all day and never sleep


Zack talks about a new program he's rolling out called Optimize Yourself where you can learn all about how to do what he's talking about in this episode.

Be more active at work, eliminate procrastination and manage your time better so you can have a life outside of work.

It's in beta right now and he's looking for more editors JUST LIKE YOU to sign up for it and chime in with your thoughts on it. As a Command+Edit listener you can get started with a discount of 25% of the current price. When you sign up, be sure to use the promo code COMMANDEDIT to get the discount. So go check it out and give him your feedback.

00:02:31 – Interview with Zack Arnold Start

00:04:11 - Introduction to Fitness in Podcast

00:05:58 - Why are editors so unhealthy?

00:11:15 - Finding the time for what's most important to you; Defining your "Why"

00:12:25 - Going without sleep isn't cool anymore; the effects of sleep-deprivation on your work

00:15:48 - Modify your edit suite to promote more movement

00:19:14 - Be the guy who comes to work with a kale salad every day; tips on nutrition at the desk

00:23:18 - Building a reputation as the "health-nut" in the office

00:24:56 - What's in Zack's edit suite? Fitness and movement tools to get for your office

00:28:33 -  What is the Optimize Yourself program?

00:32:22 - What is Zack's daily routine?

00:37:02 - Reprogram your brain by creating good habits

00:39:12 - Zack and I geek out about OCR (obstacle course racing) for a bit, like Spartan races, Tough Mudders, etc.

00:46:56 - How to edit a movie in a language you don't even speak; OR how to learn Mandarin by editing a feature