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Back to School...Year 2 : Episode 59

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Episode 59 of Command Edit Podcast Back to school how to learn new applications

Oh the benefit of batch recording episodes is that you always have one to put out even when you fall behind in recording. The downside is whatever the topic is may not be as timely as it was when you first covered it.

Thus, we present to you our Back to School episode that was originally recorded in early September. Listen to our previous post Episode 30 where we covered some of the best ways you can school yourself and give your skills a boost. Including a number of easy online resources as well as the traditional institutions that you can apply to in order to further your education.

We congratulate one of our listeners, Katie Green, who is currently kicking ass in her first semester in her broadcasting program at Conestoga.

There are a number of news updates that we discuss, including hot feature updates for Adobe CC 2015, determining whether GoPro's latest video is legit or sorcery, and BlackMagic continues to assimilate other software into itself by purchasing Ultimatte and Fairlight plugins.

Then just wait for it...because we discuss some news ways for you to add to your bag of editing tricks. When you first open a program that is completely foreign to you, where do you start? Nick has some insight from when he made the leap from After Effects to Nuke as a compositor.



• Episode 30 of Cmd+Edit where we listed off a number of helpful ways for you to boost your knowledge of editing. There are some suggestions of brick and mortar institutions as well as a number of online resources you can use immediately. (

• GoPro's Karma Drone Footage - Real or Fake? (

• BlackMagic purchases Ultimatte and Fairlight (

• Avid release notes for version 8.6.3 (

• A Full Roundup of Adobe’s Late 2016 Creative Cloud Updates (

Talking About Stranger Things: Episode 58

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Episode 58 of Command Edit Podcast Editing of Stranger Things

Nick is tired because of a wrap party on his recent feature and Josh has been off of caffeine for a while...but it doesn't matter because we're so excited to talk about Stranger Things!


Okay so we are a little late to the party with this one but it was recorded so long ago and Nick kind of dropped the ball on posting new episodes in the last couple of weeks (and he's sorry!).

But we have a number of good episodes ready to go for the next while so strap in and press play.

Stranger Things was an instant game-changer when it came out, playing to viewers' nostalgia of the 80's and delivering a smattering of well-written characters with a good mystery adventure to take us on.

We chat about our experience with the series, why we felt it was hyped up as much as it was, and also what this could mean for any trends the filmmaking world will see as a result of its success.

This includes an increase in directors requesting that 80's style synth score and the title font for their own film. Not joking, within 2 days of the series premiering Nick got a request from his director to use the Stranger Things score as a temp track for their movie. *facepalm*

We have our favourite moments and our notes on the overall editing style and pace of the story.

But we want to hear from you! Leave us a comment over on or tweet us @CommandEdit with what you loved/hated about the series. And what would you do if a director asked you to replicate something from it simply because audiences loved the show?


Rise of the Sufferfests - Interview with the editor Erik Swanson: Episode 57

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Command Edit Podcast interview with Erik Swanson editor of Rise of the Sufferfests documentary on OCR

We welcome editor Erik Swanson on the show, who recently completed work on his first feature length credit: Rise of the Sufferfests, a documentary that explores the rising trend of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing).

You may have heard me talk about OCR occasionally as it's become an obsession of mine in the past year. If you've heard of Tough Mudder, Spartan races or anything similar then you've probably thought one of two things: 1) "That sounds like fun!" or 2) "Why do people actually do this??"

Rise of the Sufferfests sets out to answer that latter question, as director Scott Keneally investigates the world of OCR using himself as a guinea pig and interviews with multiple racers.

Erik Swanson got started in filmmaking working mostly with sports editorial footage for 11 years before jumping into the world of freelancing and becoming attached to RotS with Scott and his group.

Documentary filmmaking is not for the faint of heart. It can involve insanely large amounts of dedicated time, endless hours of footage to sift through and a story to find. It's not like scripted content where you always start the timeline with some semblance of a story prepared. The editor has a lot of creative control when it comes to crafting the story of a doc, but it's also a huge responsibility.

Literally the only image of Erik Swanson that exists. And the only one needed.

Literally the only image of Erik Swanson that exists. And the only one needed.

In this episode Erik and I discussed:

  • how he rose to the challenge of editing Rise of the Sufferfests
  • how he looks for the story in the footage
  • how does documentary editing differ from scripted content
  • will he continue pursuing documentaries
  • and also will he be signing up for an obstacle course race in the future?

You can watch Rise of the Sufferfests right now (as of Sept 1st, 2016) on iTunes. Click the link here to purchase a digital copy instantly on iTunes for $14.99 or visit the store on the RotS website to purchase a t-shirt/movie bundle.

Check out more of Erik's work over on his website. And encourage him to get on Twitter.

Watch the movie already? Let us know what you thought of it. Leave a comment below or tweet us @CommandEdit.


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What happened to the summer blockbuster? : Episode 56

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Episode 56 Command Edit Podcast What happened to the summer blockbuster?

We have a BUNCH of stuff to share with you! Let's see how much we can cram into this episode.

Throughout the week we collect links, useful tips and eyebrow-raising articles that we come across to discuss and now it's time to give them all to you. It's an AKS (All Kinds o' Shit) episode this week!

Instagram Stories or Snapchat

Are you using Instagram Stories or do you prefer Snapchat? There are people in either camp using these tools to provide video to their followers. I've been trying both out to see the differences and what kind of value can be provided to his followers. I like to show glimpses of my timeline progress, behind-the-scenes of sets that I'm on and of course multiple images of #CoffeePorn.

You can follow Nick on Snapchat (merc_media) or on Instagram (mercmedia) to see shots of his work and coffee. You can follow Josh (joshort) on Snapchat to see pics of how his vacation is going right now. Let us know which ones you use regularly and help us decide which one to stick with.

Mac OS Sierra coming this fall and Siri is coming to the desktop

Sierra OS for Mac users is coming this fall and the announced features range from the mildly interesting to the "meh". One update worth mentioning is that Siri is coming to the MacOS now. Click here to watch a breakdown of new features from a beta tester (

Ever search for an Adobe Premiere tutorial only to find ones that have way more talking to them than you'd like? Done With Dylan features a set of Premiere tutorials that get right to the point. No intro. No chit-chat. He just jumps right into the meat of the tutorial, gives you what you need and ends it. Go check it out (

*Thanks to PremiereBro for the link.

Suicide Squad and the Second Act Problem

Suicide Squad has been getting a lashing from both fans and critics alike. I watched it this past weekend, further adding fuel to the fire that Hollywood is losing its touch when it comes to making summer blockbusters. There is one theory being posited as to why this could be happening. It's referred to as the "Second Act Problem" because most of the scenes that end up on the cutting room floor for this already-lengthy films come from the 2nd act. The 2nd act of the story is arguably where most of the story and character development resides. Read up more on this theory and let us know if you agree with it. (

Sven Pape (aka This Guy Edits) posted a video that demonstrates the power of the editor when it comes to shaping the actor's performance. He breaks down how to approach editing a scene between two characters and gives 9 tips for how you can reshape an actor's performance. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility. You can greatly alter how an actor behaves in a scene but that doesn't mean you always have to. Only if it will improve the scene (in your opinion).


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Can You Be Fired for Being Sick?: Episode 55

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Can you be fired from your job for being sick or calling in a sick day

Can you be fired for being sick?

This started as a Twitter discussion from a question Scott Simmons posed earlier. There were many different opinions shared and it's not a simple yes/no question.

So we're here to discuss it further, what are your rights as a freelancer and how should you balance out the responsibilities of the job and your own health?

Do you think an assistant can be rightfully fired for calling in sick?

Do you have a story about coming down with a serious illness and having to push through on a deadline? Let us know in the comments about it.



[4:30] What have Josh and Nick been working on this week?...

[11:25] Scott Simmons (@EditBlog) asked his Twitter followers if his assistant editor should be replaced because he was sick and didn't show for work. It generated an interesting discussion on Twitter and inspired this week's episode. What is your opinion? Leave it in a comment below and we'll respond to it.

[16:04] The difference between a freelancer and a full-timer when it comes to sick days...



EDIT: Scott wrote on Pro Video Coalition after this Twitter discussion and included a follow-up to this story with the sick AE and how the rest of the project went. Worth noting is the tail section of the article where he gleans some advice for working for/with someone new for the first time. Check out the full article here for 6 tips for working as an assistant for someone new.


Quitting the business! : Cmd+Edit 054

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Command Edit Podcast Episode 54 Post Production Editor When to quit the filmmaking industry

Welcome to Episode 54 of Command+Edit Podcast!

We all inevitably reach a point in our careers when we start to really question if this industry is for you. Let's face it, it's not for everyone. It means long hours, a lot of pressure, making deadlines, unsteady financial status and dealing with a lot of other factors that make your job difficult.

This came about recently when a colorist/editor that we follow, Ben Brainerd, announced on Twitter that he was hanging up his hat and switching careers entirely. You can read all about his decisions, how he arrived at them and his reasons for settling on this new path (and a completely different address!).

Follow Ben Brainerd on Twitter and join us in wishing him well on his journey.

If you have ever reached a point where you seriously considered getting out of the filmmaking business entirely, then we would like to hear your story. Email us ( or tweet us (

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